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Make calls from home

Thank you for offering to make some call for us in the Shetland and Sheffiled Hallam by-elections - we're really grateful!

To find out more about the campaigns, head to our by-elections hub here:

You will need

A phone

A computer

A connect account - and then log into it

Click Virtual Phone Bank under Quick Task on the bottom right of the screen

The code:

Calling for Sheffield: 21AD03M-887926

If you don't have a connect account, head to Lib Dem Phone Bankers Facebook Group and someone will be able to make you a connect account.


Thanks for taking the time to call supporters about the Liberal Democrats. Every call gives us vital information our campaigns and helps us to fight for a fairer Britain.

You will need:

  • A phone
  • A computer
  • This guide

If you have a Connect account:

Skip this guide and login straight to You will need the VPB code provided to you by your campaign manager.

Login to Connect

If you don't have a Connect account:

Go to and create an account. (Press no on the two-factor authentication page). Then, type in the VPB code that has been provided to you, click the link that was sent to you, or go to

Create an account


1. Read the Script

You will be calling voters with shared traits: they have not have been canvassed in a while, may be leaning one way or another, or live in a specific area. Read the script carefully and dial the number in the top right of the screen.

2. Make your first call

Introduce yourself, ask the questions, and save the responses. Then move on to the next voter.

Some tips

  • Smile and be enthused when making the call: the other side can hear you smiling.
  • Get to the answer: stick to the questions on the script, those are the most important questions we need to have answers to.
  • Thank the voter for their time: people are busy and any information they provide is helpful.
  • Don't get third party answers, "He isn't in right now but he's voting for X". Record these as "Not in".
  • It's ok to leave voicemails, just mark it as such.


As of April 2016 people making marketing phone calls, which includes phone canvassing, may now no longer block or disguise their own phone number. In practice, this means that you must not use 141, or any other method, to withhold the number you're calling from when making calls.

If you have any questions, email for support.

Thousands of people are making phone calls and are making a difference in elections across the UK. Thank you for your hardwork and support!

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