Science, Innovation and Technology Working Group

This working group is producing a consultation paper for Spring Conference 2024 and the final paper will be ready for Autumn Conference 2024.

The group's remit is set out here and the consultation paper can be found here.

Members of the Group:

  • Dr Jonathan Everett (chair)
  • Layla Moran MP
  • Lord Clement-Jones
  • Elizabeth Adams
  • Cllr Humaira Ali
  • Cllr Piers Allen
  • Elaine Bagshaw
  • Daniel Callaghan
  • Rob Davidson
  • Giles Derrington
  • Dr Julian Huppert
  • Cllr Mark Inskip
  • Ryan Mercer
  • Dr Leonie Mueck
  • Cllr Dr Swati Mukherjee
  • Cllr Joe Norris
  • Luke Richards
  • Parag Vyas
  • Ben Williams