Floella Benjamin challenges the Conservatives over the Windrush scandal

12 Jan 2023

As Liberal Democrats, we are proud of the outstanding economic, social, and cultural contribution the Windrush Generation have made to the United Kingdom. 

On this 75th anniversary of the arrival of HMT Empire Windrush - which brought over dedicated Caribbean people who wanted to help rebuild Britain - we should be celebrating this contribution. 

The Conservative Government should be working tirelessly to right the wrongs of this country’s treatment of people who have given so much to us.

This year there should be jubilant celebrations of the Windrush 75th Anniversary. But because of the Windrush Scandal one can be forgiven for feeling anxious, nervous and worried.

Floella Benjamin

The recommendations which came out of Lessons Learned Review in the wake of the Windrush Scandal are essential to prevent making the same mistakes again.

Yet, there are now reports that Suella Braverman is considering scrapping these recommendations.

In the House of Lords, Liberal Democrat Floella Benjamin has been challenging the Conservatives to keep the comitements they made.

Liberal Democrats will keep fighting for the rights of those impacted by the Windrush Scandal - and to scrap the cruel, ineffective Hostile Environment policies that caused the scandal in the first place. We will keep standing up to bigotry, hate and racial injustice that is far too commonplace in our country.

The Conservative Government must start by guaranteeing they will stick to the commitments they made in the aftermath of the Windrush Scandal.