Happy Hanukkah

7 Dec 2023

Today, on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, I want to wish our Jewish friends in the UK and around the world a Happy Hanukkah. 

As you head into eight days of festivities, gathering with family and friends, I am sure there will be joy, light and laughter.

It is of course impossible to ignore the fact that this year, Hanukkah follows a difficult time. So, I am sure that as you reflect on the past year, amongst the joy there may also be a sense of solemness. The darkness of the past few months will be felt, as it has touched everyone in different ways. 

As the warmth and glow of the candles grow each evening, I hope it may serve as a reminder that even in the darkness, there is hope. Hope for a brighter tomorrow. 

This week I visited the Jewish Free School with our spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Layla Moran, to chat with sixth form students. We were both so heartened by the brightness and kindness that the students demonstrated. Together, we covered everything from politics to world affairs, including the crisis in the Middle East. The students showed such strength and kindness, speaking of how we can move forward together, using shared pain to build a brighter future together. 

So, in the spirit of growing brighter together, from your friends at the Liberal Democrats we wish you a safe, bright and Happy Hanukkah.