Do you know an outstanding campaigner?

7 Feb 2024
The Lib Dem Conference hall

The Liberal Democrat Party Awards recognise publicly those who have given the party outstanding service and commitment. They are presented at Federal Conference and each winner receives a trophy to keep.

We present four awards at the Spring Conference, and you can nominate someone by clicking here.

Nominations will close at 12:00 on Monday 26th February.

The awards being presented this time are specially focused on grassroots campaigning and organisation as we’re in the run-up to a Westminster general election:


The Leader’s Award

Eligibility: Any member of the party. 

Criteria: Awarded to someone who has shown exemplary dedication to canvassing voters.

The Bertha Bowness Fischer Award 

Background: This award is named for the country’s first woman to become a qualified election agent, a trailblazer who is a testament to our traditions of equality, inclusion and campaigning rigour. 

Eligibility: Any local party.

Criteria: Awarded a local party for the excellence of its local delivery network.

The Albert Ingham  Award

Background: This award is named for one of the Party’s great Election Agents, Albert Ingham. Albert’s work, much of it in his home county of Yorkshire, was prodigious and his impact on the Party ranged from organising to fundraising to promoting fresh talent. 

Eligibility: Any election agent or campaign manager.

Criteria: Awarded for a recent campaign that through its excellence, fastidiousness, tenacity or novelty is a model for others.

The Laura Grimond award

Background: This award is named for a woman who, as The Independent put it, was dedicated to promoting “political pluralism without seeking publicity for herself". Lady Grimond reminds us all that some of the most crucial work, by the best of us, takes place outside of the limelight.

Eligibility: This award is given to recognise and celebrate the efforts of people working for the Party at a Federal, State, Regional, or Parliamentary/Scottish Parliamentary/Senedd level. It is a sister award to the Belinda Eyre-Brook award (given at Autumn Conferences), which recognises local and community staff/campaigners. 

Criteria: Awarded to recognise the unsung work behind the scenes by someone whose contributions enable our frontline campaigns to go out and win.