Liberal Democrat Peers

Working for you in the House of Lords

There are more than 80 Liberal Democrat members of the House of Lords.  We scrutinise legislation line by line, offering amendments to improve it, and work with other opposition groups and Government ministers to try and change Bills to better reflect Lib Dem values and visions. 

Our parliamentary clout is clear – since the 2019 General Election, we have been part of 255 Government defeats in the House of Lords, meaning ministers have had to go away and think again, often resorting to compromise to get legislation through. 

We also challenge and hold Government Ministers’ feet to the fire through asking Oral Questions and taking part in debates.

The world of the House of Lords can seem confusing and old-fashioned, but every day our peers are there working hard and getting things done.

You can read more about all of our peers and their work below, and you can follow the work of the Lib Dem Group in the Lords on Twitter at @LibDemLords.

Dick Newby

Dick Newby

Lord Newby, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords

Lord Newby speaks in the House of Lords

Our peers

Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords


Lords Spokespersons

If you want to get in touch with a particular lead spokesperson, you can use the relevant email address below: