Lib Dems are the first political party to adopt pre-manifesto - with right to see a GP and health services at its heart

27 Sep 2023

EMBARGO: Immediate Release

The Liberal Democrats have become the first political party to adopt their pre-manifesto for the next election, with their proposal to give everyone the right to see a GP within a week as their centre-piece policy.

The pre-manifesto document, which was voted on and approved by party members at its Autumn Conference in Bournemouth, sets out an early draft of the party’s manifesto for the next General Election. 

Alongside the right to see a GP within a week or 24 hours if urgent, key policies include protecting the pensions triple lock, investing in social care and banning sewage dumping in rivers and beaches. The pre-manifesto also calls for a return to community policing to tackle the unsolved crimes epidemic, an insulation programme to cut energy bills and a commitment to electoral reform to restore trust in politics.

The pre-manifesto also sets out the party’s core values and vision for a fair deal for the country ahead of the next election:

1. A fair, prosperous and innovative economy that promotes opportunity and wellbeing.

2. Fair access to good public services and a strong social safety net.

3. A flourishing environment, with fair access to nature for all.

4. A strong United Kingdom and a fair international order.

5. A truly fair democracy, where everyone’s rights are respected and individuals and communities are empowered.

Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey said:

“This is a landmark moment as we set out our ambitious plans to the country to deliver a fair deal for families and pensioners.

“Families are feeling let down by this appalling Conservative government which has crashed the economy, neglected the NHS and ruined our environment.

“The Liberal Democrats have got a clear plan to fix the crisis in the NHS and care, giving people a right to see a GP within a week or 24 hours if in urgent need. This forms part of our vision for a Britain with a thriving economy, strong public services and a fair voting system that restores trust in politics.

“Every vote for the Liberal Democrats at the next election will be a vote to fix local health services, a fair deal on the cost of living and an end to filthy sewage dumping in our beaches and rivers.”


Notes to Editor

The full pre-manifesto document can be found here.




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