Data Profiling

What is it?

In addition to using your information for activities set out in the Privacy Notice, we may also analyse and make predictions based on the data we hold about you from existing sources. This process is commonly known as data profiling.


What type of profiling do the Liberal Democrats carry out on Personal Data?

As a registered political party the Liberal Democrats is entitled to a copy of the full electoral register. We score individuals on our copy of the electoral register, based on the likelihood that they may share our values. We will usually only make contact with those who we predict are more likely to want to hear from us.  Some of our profiling data is created by automated means but these decisions do not produce any legal or significant effects on individuals.


Why do the Liberal Democrats carry out profiling on personal data?

We use profiling to:

  • Increase the likeliness of sending communications to those who may be open to the values of the Liberal Democrats
  • To talk to you about the issues most relevant to you
  • Predict how you may vote in elections and referendums
  • Increase our understanding of the issues that are important to you
  • Decide who we will send our campaign communications to
  • Decide which addresses we will send our volunteers to, in order to improve the chances of them having enjoyable and productive conversations


What are the sources of the data the Liberal Democrats use to make their scores?

Our predictions are made using data from the following sources:

  • The Electoral Registers
  • Data that our volunteers have collected through canvassing on the doorstep or phone
  • Data that voters have entered on our website or surveys
  • Publicly available data such as census data
  • Anonymous online surveys


How does this profiling work?

We have carried out anonymous surveys to identify some common characteristics that those more likely to vote for the Lib Dems may have. This includes information related to age and lifestyle. Some of the categories of data we collect on individuals listed above are aggregated and used to create scores based on the likeliness that you may share our values.


What legal basis do we rely on to carry out data profiling?

Our purpose for carrying out data profiling and analytics, is to engage with voters and encourage democratic engagement. We do this using the lawful basis of legitimate interests - UK GDPR Article 6 (f) - Legitimate Interests,  Article 9 (g) - the processing is necessary for reasons of substantial public interest. DPA 2018, schedule 1, part 2, paragraph 22.


Can I opt out of data profiling? 

Yes, you can opt out of profiling at any time by writing to: DPO, Liberal Democrats, 1 Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PN or emailing