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Regional Party Treasurer.

What's the role?


Regional Treasurers keep the regional party solvent and legal. The Regional Treasurer's role is to have strategic ownership of expenditure and income, such as preparing budgets and financial targets for discussion by others and advising on the implications of spending decisions. The treasurer is also responsible for the practical side of managing the regional party's finances, such as paying in bills, managing the payroll (if your regional party has staff), and producing financial reports. 

What's it about?

Chris Stanbra is Regional Treasurer for the East Midlands.

Key tasks


  • Manage the financial business of the Regional Party in line with the regional constitution, and the Political Parties Elections and Referendum Act.
  • Present regular financial reports to the Regional Executive.
  • Present annual accounts and budget to the Regional Party's AGM.
  • Act in a supporting capacity to local party treasurers within your region.
  • Processing payroll and pensions for any Regional Party employees.

Help & Support

Skills & Attributes

  • Strong accounting skills.
  • Awareness of relevant legislation.
  • Experience of working at a local party level.
  • Understanding of how the regional party engages with local parties and the state party.

How to Apply

Regional Officers are elected at Regional Conferences, which occur each year, typically in the autumn. Every party member from within the region is eligible to stand for election. 


2 hours per week

Page Contributors

Lorna Dupre, East of England

Chris Stanbra, East Midlands