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Regional Policy Officer.

What's the role?


The Liberal Democrats stand apart from the other main political parties in the UK because our members make our policies. The policy-making process is a core function of how the whole party operates. We make our policies at Regional and Federal conferences, where members have the right to propose what they think should be party policy, debate it with other members, and vote. 

There are systems in place for managing this process. The Regional Policy Officer is a key volunteer role, as they are the person who manages the policy-making process in their regions.

Key tasks


  • Prepare regional policy motions for regional conferences.
  • Assist local parties and members within your region with the creation and submission of motions for Regional and Federal conferences.
  • Assess, usually with a committee, the suitability of motions submitted to regional conference.
  • Maintain a catalogue of current Regional Policy. Where motions passed require you to do so, assist with taking these motions forward to Federal level.

Help & Support

Skills & Attributes

  • Able to review and scrutinise policy motions.
  • Good understanding of, or aptitude for understanding, the relevant Conference Standing Orders, such as to correctly and smoothly conduct debate at Regional Conference.
  • Good at keeping clear and accurate records.
  • Competent committee management skills.

How to Apply

This role is elected at your regional AGM. All party members are eligible to stand to be regional policy officer.


4-5 hours per week in the approach to conference.

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