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Thanks for renewing


Thank you for renewing your membership of the Liberal Democrats for another year! We're really glad to have you. Together, we'll be the real opposition and take the fight to this Conservative Brexit Government.

As a member of the Liberal Democrats, you have the power to change things - and by renewing your membership for another year, you'll be able to:

  1. Make your voice heard by having your say on our policies and our manifesto. We trust you, and that's why our manifesto was made up of policies voted on by our members.
  2. Stand up for your community by campaigning in your local area. Liberal Democrats all over the country campaign on local issues the whole year round - not just at election time - now as a member, you're in an ideal position to make sure that your voice is heard. 
  3. Make the Party your own by voting for your local representatives, our Party President, and our Leader. Your vote counts for just as much as anybody else's - it always has been and always will be one member, one vote. 

We're really glad you've chosen to stay - so thank you!