Liberal Democrats

Style guide

Here you will find the updated style guide for 2018 for all Liberal Democrat branded content with the new demand better strapline, both print and online.

You can also download our toolkit which contains all the image files you will need to get started.

The updated style guide now makes it easier for you to adopt the latest version of our branding. We have introduced a streamlined colour palette, created ready-made image files and replaced a licensed font with the open-source and freely available Open Sans, which has been optimised for great readability online and in print.

If you have a query about the style guide you can e-mail

Download style guide

Download toolkit


Quick colour reference:


#151721, RGB 21,23,33 and CMYK 91,80,54,77, Pantone: Process black
#FAA61A, RGB 255,159,26, CMYK 0,38,90,0, Pantone: 1375C