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Vote Liberal Democrat for a Fair Deal

May’s local elections are your chance to send a message that you won’t be taken for granted.

By Liberal Democrats, Apr 06, 2022 11:04

Life’s been tough for lots of people over the past few years. And it’s still tough. But with their trademark decency and strength, the British people are rising to the challenge. Raising families. Caring for others. And playing by the rules.

Now more than ever, it's time for a fair deal.

Yet with the rising cost of living, this Conservative Government is letting you down badly and taking you for granted.

Liberal Democrats work hard for our communities, we hear your concerns, and never take you for granted.

Soaring energy bills are overwhelming millions of families and pensioners. But the Conservatives either don’t care or don’t get it… and do nothing to help.

Instead they’re raising unfair taxes again and again. They've plunged our NHS into crisis, making cancer patients wait and leaving loved ones desperate for that urgent ambulance.

And Conservative MPs have voted time after time to let water companies keep on pumping their filthy sewage straight into our rivers. While water companies rake in billions of pounds in profits.

All that must change.

That’s why people are turning to the Liberal Democrats more and more. Because they know we work hard for our communities, we hear your concerns, and never take you for granted.

It’s why so many people supported us in last year’s by-elections in Chesham and Amersham, and North Shropshire.  It’s why so many tell us they are supporting us in the elections in May.

Voting Liberal Democrat sends a message that enough is enough!

Every vote for the Liberal Democrats counts. Every vote for the Liberal Democrats sends a message to the Conservatives:

They can’t keep hitting families with soaring energy bills.

They can’t keep failing our NHS.

They can’t keep pumping sewage into our rivers.

They can’t keep taking the British people for granted.

Voting Liberal Democrat sends a message that enough is enough!

A vote for the Liberal Democrats next month is also a vote to elect a strong local champion, someone who will fight for a fair deal for you and your community. 

A fair deal, with an emergency tax cut to save struggling families and pensioners £600. With a new Ambulance Fund so that if you have to call 999 you know they will be there. And £15 billion to help our children catch up on the learning they’ve lost to Covid, including funds for parents to spend on whatever your children need most. A fair deal where we tax water companies to clean up their mess, rather than letting them get away with dumping sewage into our rivers.

Everyone has a right to enjoy the beauty of nature, with wonderful clean rivers and open green spaces.

That is the fair deal the Liberal Democrats are fighting for. That is the fair deal the British people deserve.

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