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The Liberal Democrats are a campaigning party.

We work hard all year round to get a fair deal for communities.

Sewage overflowing into a water course

Stop Sewage Dumping

Stop sewage from being pumped into our rivers, lakes and seas.

Women talking in counselling

End Mental Health Injustice

Mental health problems affect one in four of us.


Burglary Response Guarantee

Guarantee that all burglaries will be attended by police and investigated.

Graphic showing people casting votes

Make votes fair

Support proportional representation so everyone's voice counts.

A graphic illustration of a GP surgery

GP Guarantee

The Lib Dem plan to guarantee you can see your doctor quickly.

Blurred crowd

Save the Human Rights Act

This Conservative government are trying to undermine our freedoms.

Sheep in a field

Back British Farmers

This Conservative government is selling out our farmers.

Two people touching hands, one person is seated

Stand up for Carers

Carers do a remarkable and important job.

Fracking site

No fracking our countryside

Conservative MPs voted to reverse the ban on fracking.

Inclusive pride flag

Ban Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy is offensive, abusive and dangerous.

A group of Liberal Democrats at a pride march

Our campaigning victories

Find out how we've delivered for communities like yours.