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Cases and Decisions

Cases and decisions

 This page will be populated with outline information about FAP cases and links to published decisions. 


FAP case no.

Date lodged

Date finally determined



Final decision




Sidhu-Robb v Brass (Complaints Panel)

 Appeal against Complaints Panel decision revoking membership. Sufficiency of evidence; procedure followed (whether on expedited hearing the panel have an investigatory/inquisitorial role); sanction imposed.  

 Permission to appeal refused.  Panel was limited to making its decision on the evidence presented before it, which was reasonably capable of supporting the decision. Link to ruling




Bray v FAP

Whether past FAP decisions may be re-opened.  Whether application against FAP alleging breach of natural justice could be made out of time.

Applications dismissed.  FAP decisions are ‘final and binding’ pursuant to article 22.7 of the Federal Party Constitution, so FAP may not re-open its final decisions on the merits.   Applicant not permitted to  proceed out of time. Link to ruling.

13 and 14/2020



Andersson and Dudhill v Hunter (Complaints Panel)

Appeal by complainants against Complaints Panel decision.  Fresh evidence; leniency and relevance of sanction imposed.

The matter is pending.




Smith v Appeals Panel for England & Others

Whether Appeals Panel for England erred in determining that it did not have jurisdiction to hear an appeal against deselection of a candidate for borough councillor; procedural propriety.

The matter is pending.




Potter v Clucas (Complaints Panel) 

Procedural propriety; whether the Complaints Panel erred in finding that a concession had been made.

The matter is pending.




BLAC Liberal Democrats v English Candidates Committee and English Council

Whether the respondents were misdirected or otherwise erred in adopting a set of selection arrangements.

The matter is pending.




Lock v Young (Complaints Panel)

Whether a Complaints Panel’s process was procedurally fair.

The matter is pending.




English Council Executive v Federal Board

Constitutionality of internal elections procedures.

The matter is pending.




Walsh v Young (Complaints Panel) & Others

Scope of article 23 procedure; procedural propriety; whether it was fair to proceed in absence.

The matter is pending.

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