Standing Strong with Ukraine

25 Sep 2023
People fleeing Irpin, Ukraine in March 2022

Liberal Democrats continue to stand behind President Zelensky and the whole of Ukraine. This Conference, we have been honoured to have Kira Rudik - Ukrainian MP and leader of our sister party, Holos - with us. Her immense courage and leadership has been an inspiration to us all. We must support her, and the Ukrainian people.

So just as when Russia first invaded Ukraine, Britain must continue to support the Ukrainian people as they face down aggression and fight back.

We welcome the decision of the UK Government to supply Ukraine with Challenger 2 tanks, and train F16 fighter pilots, which Liberal Democrats had called for. We call on the Government to continue to help arm Ukraine, including by providing longer-range precision weapons.

It is vital that we continue to encourage our allies to do all they can to support Ukraine. To this end, the UK should establish formal cooperation mechanisms on foreign and security issues with the EU and NATO.

We must also seek to isolate Russia like the rogue state it is. After over a year of Liberal Democrat pressure, the Government has finally acted to proscribe the Wagner Group, making anyone engaging with them, anywhere in the world, in violation of UK law. The Government must now work to make the case with our allies that they should follow suit. 

The UK Government must not rest on its laurels while Putin's cronies continue to evade accountability.  It’s time for an economic retaliation package - starting by closing down the lucrative loopholes that funnel Putin’s illegal wealth to his dwindling front line.

The UK Government is still yet to publish the review of golden visas - which was commissioned over four years ago. Putin’s cronies have treated this country as their playground for too long - it’s beyond time to kick them out. 

The Liberal Democrats are steadfast in our commitment to supporting Ukraine, isolating Russia, and upholding the values of justice and accountability. We stand with President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine can win. Ukraine must win.