Standing Tall: Liberal Values in a Dangerous World

16 Mar 2024
UK aid shelter kits are loaded for shipment from a warehouse in Dubai. Picture: DFID

In a world fraught with uncertainty and conflict, with war raging on our continent, the UK needs to take decisive action to uphold peace, security, and democratic principles throughout the world.

Yet, under the current Conservative Government, our once-strong standing on the world stage has sadly diminished.

Our country's reputation has suffered - inward-looking political chaos and disregard for our allies have tarnished our image. The Conservatives have neglected national security, prioritising soundbites and flash announcements over keeping our country safe. The result is low morale amongst service personnel, failing equipment, and an Army which is being cut by 10,000.Our status as an international development superpower has also been lost - thanks to Rishi Sunak’s shortsighted and cruel aid cut, which is not in the UK’s national interest. 

That’s why today, Liberal Democrats have laid out a comprehensive plan to restore the UK's diplomatic credibility, promote security, and uphold liberal values on the global stage: 

  • Supporting democracies: We stand with Ukraine, supporting democratic nations in their time of need. We will begin to seize Russian assets to support Ukraine.
  • Investing in development: Liberal Democrats will return international development spending to 0.7% of national income, restoring our status as a development superpower and saving lives around the world.
  • Defeating people traffickers and providing sanctuary: Adopting a fair and humane approach to global refugees and asylum seekers, creating safe and legal routes for sanctuary in the UK and curbing the demand for people smugglers.
  • Supporting our Armed Forces: Meeting all of our NATO commitments and reversing the cut of 10,000 soldiers from our Army. We are committed to delivering a fair deal for our armed forces community.
  • Cooperating with our neighbours: Signing a comprehensive security treaty with the EU and collaborating with European and NATO partners on new defence technologies to bolster stability in the region.
  • Tackling Organised Crime and Terrorism: Properly resourcing the National Crime Agency, working with Europol and Eurojust, and ensuring the independence of the Intelligence and Security Committee from government interference.
  • Promoting Soft Power: Protecting the BBC and Channel 4, ensuring they remain pillars of our soft power, and properly funding the BBC World Service to reach audiences globally.

Liberal Democrats are unwavering in our commitment to liberal values and international cooperation. We believe in a United Kingdom that stands tall on the world stage, promoting peace, security, and democracy.

It's time to reclaim our place as a global leader, grounded in the values of fairness, compassion, and respect for human rights.




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