Campaigning & Data Protection

Key areas to be mindful of when running a campaign

Data Security

Canvassing & Deliveries


  • Keep printing of personal data to a minimum

  • Brief volunteers about keeping hard copy data secure and out of sight

  • Do not leave stacks of undelivered, addressed mail in communal areas of residential blocks

  • Paperwork must be destroyed securely after use

    *** Do not dispose of data in public bins ***

Exposure of personal data

Data Breaches

Email within 24 hours summarising:

  • Date & time of breach?

  • What happened?

  • Types of data involved?

  • Number of individuals affected?

Bulk e-communications



Data Subject Rights

Data Rights Requests


  • Forward to as soon as possible

  • Subject Access Requests (SAR) - please do not process these yourselves

  • Right to Erasure / Right to Be Forgotten (RTBF)

Handling systems

User Set-Up


  • Lighthouse Superusers & Connect Managers
    - grant / revoke access in liaison with local party officers
    - instruct Lib Dem HQ to set up additional superusers / managers 

  • Ensure temporary accounts have an expiry date

  • Do not create multiple ‘volunteer’ accounts
    accounts must be named

  • Provide an appropriate level of access for the job in hand
    *** Do not grant higher permissions than necessary ***

User permission levels

Managing Access


  • Exercise caution when engaging non-members as volunteers
    - NDAs must be signed for handling personal data (includes Minivan)

  • Connect - the user agreement should be signed-off before use

  • Reviewing user access
    - remove access when someone has moved / resigned / changed roles
    - conduct access audits post-election and at the start of the year

  • Action the Tech Team's Housekeeping Reminders

    *** Under no circumstances should logins be shared ***

Use of Party Data

Using Party Data


  • Political parties are entitled to use the full Electoral Register for campaigning (Party-approved tasks only)

    *** This data cannot be used for personal / business purposes ***

  • Misuse contravenes Party Data Protection Rules
    - could lead to a formal complaint against individual
    - abuse of access rights is considered a data breach
    - email immediately if you believe a breach has occured

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