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Autumn Conference


Autumn Conference 2020 (online conference)

(registration will open late June 2020)


**UPDATE - 20 May 2020**

Following meetings of both Federal Conference Committee and Federal Board, here is a statement about Autumn Conference.

We’re going to be pathbreakers this autumn - with the biggest online conference in British politics to take the place of our traditional seaside event in September.

This innovation will not only let us continue with our much-cherished conference even in the face of coronavirus. It will also give us an opportunity to experiment with new ways of involving members.

There are some important details to sort about what will be technically possible. But we’re aiming big, including speeches, policy, training and fringe meetings. We want more members than ever before to take part in our annual showcase.

It will run around the same time as we’d previously booked for our conference, though exact timings as yet to be fixed as we will look at the best times of day to schedule key events so the rhythm of the conference may be different from what we’re all used to.

Many thanks to everyone on the conference committee and in the conference office who have worked really hard to put together a workable plan for this.

Watch out for more details to come as we finalise the details.

We hope also that the systems we use may be available for other parts of the party to try out for their own events.

Geoff Payne, FCC Chair

Mark Pack, Party President

Provisional agenda: TBC

Contacting the team