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Every Child Empowered - An Education Revolution

We've just passed new policy that gives education in England the shake-up it sorely needs. Read more here.

F7: Every Child Empowered

We've just passed Motion F7 - Every Child Empowered. Read more here:

F5: Exit from Brexit

We've just passed Motion F5 - Exit from Brexit. Read more here:

Housing and Local Government

We want a new housing revolution to fix our broken market - read more here.

Read Ed Davey's speech: Lib Dems are the party of policing

Our freedom as individuals and communities requires the police. Let Liberal Democrats be the party of the police.

Exit from Brexit

We've just passed a motion reaffirming our commitment to an Exit from Brexit. Read more here.

F4 - Local Government and Housing

We've just passed Motion F4 - Local Government and Housing. Read more here:

Spring Conference Rally

Miss the Conference Rally last night? Never fear - catch up here and help us celebrate 30 years of the Liberal Democrats:

Conference Motions - Spring 2018

My Vision for Britain - the highlights of Vince Cable's speech to #LDConf

Did you miss Vince Cable's first speech as Liberal Democrat leader? Catch up here - and find out what his vision for Britain and the Liberal Democrats is!

Find the full versions of all motions passed by conference here.

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