Hammond and Fox Brexit piece not cleared with David Davis

It has emerged that the joint position on Brexit agreed in an article by Philip Hammond and Liam Fox was not even cleared with Brexit Secretary David Davis.

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Garden Bridge project a scandalous waste of taxpayers' money

Today's news that the Garden Bridge project has been officially scrapped is very welcome. The entire project was a "scandalous waste of public funds."

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Faulty white goods causing ten fires a day

Our research has revealed that almost ten fires a day are being caused by faulty white goods such as washing machines, tumble dryers and fridges.

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Failure to address indeterminate prison sentences a disgrace

The Liberal Democrats have backed calls by the Chairman of the Parole Board, Nick Hardwick, for urgent action to address the backlog of people serving prison sentences with no fixed release date.

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Hammond has now teamed up with the Hard Brexiteers

Over the summer, we heard that Philip Hammond was courageously fighting off the more extreme Brexiteers. Supposedly he was looking for a compromise to keep Britain within the customs union and single market as long as possible. 

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Liam Fox should stop flip-flopping and take off rose-tinted glasses

Today, Liam Fox’s Department for International Trade has released figures claiming to show that sunglasses, swimwear and ice-cream are all big exports - and that means Brexit is going to be a success.

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We rely on encryption to keep us safe. We must protect it.

I'm not personally one of those who thinks we should weaken encryption because I think there is a parallel issue, which is cybersecurity more broadly.

Jonathan Evans, former Head of MI5

That was the former Chief of MI5 Jonathan Evans, speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme and stating...

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We are the home for all those who are unhappy with Brexit

Reports have claimed that that two cabinet ministers have expressed an interest in forming a new anti-Brexit party.

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Brexit bill attempts to take away people's rights through back door

This morning, the Times newspaper alleges that the Government is drawing up plans to scrap people's right to sue the government for breaking the law.

Currently, under EU law citizens have the right to sue member states for damages if their rights were infringed by the failure of a country to implement EU law.

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Modern slavery in the UK is a national scandal.

This shocking report shows that modern slavery is alive and well in 21st century Britain.

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