Vince Cable delivers keynote speech to European Parliament

"We all recognize that our economic fate is inextricably linked with the rest of Europe. We want Europe to work; to put aside all quarrels; and make common cause to deal with the massive economic problems which we now face."

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Don Foster’s speech to Conference

"Being in power changes our identity, most obviously from a party of opposition to a party of Government. But we have not changed our values or our principles. Nor will we. And we’ve been making good our election promises that embody them."

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Vince Cable's speech to Conference

"We have punched above our weight in government because we have a democratic party which has clear principles and policies. In a few short months we have showed how we can advance our party’s policies and principles while serving the wider national interest."

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Lynne Featherstone’s speech to Conference

"And so conference, this is a new politics which has equality at its heart. An equality which sets people free, rather than imprisons them with rules. An equality for the future, which is driven by our liberal principles of the past."

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Conference adopts diversity motion

“I am glad that Conference agreed today that there will be a full set of proposals for candidate diversity and that we will have the chance to take decisions to change the face and mix of the Liberal Democrats."

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Norman Baker announces plans for local transport fund

“Tackling climate change starts with changing behaviour and one of the best things we can do is encourage people out of their cars for short journeys."

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Simon Hughes: Now is the time to win the battles for liberal democracy

"Now we are at last in the government of the United Kingdom, now more than ever is the time to stand for liberal democracy and win the battles for liberal democracy - to create a freer, fairer, greener and more democratic Britain, entirely different from the legacy of Tory and Labour single party governments over the last 50 years."

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Chris Huhne: Green Deal will be a revolution

The Green Deal will be a revolution. The first scheme of its kind in the developed world. The most ambitious energy-saving plan ever put forward. A once-and-for-all refit that will make every home in Britain ready for a low-carbon future."

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Lord McNally’s speech to Conference

"We have to win the argument that simply banging up more and more people and pushing them through the revolving door of the prison system is self-defeating – and expensive."

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Stephen Gilbert: Government must open marriage to all couples

“Current legislation degrades same-sex couples to a second-tier partnership and leads to unnecessary pain and trouble for anyone wishing to change their legally recognised gender, forcing them to divorce or dissolve their civil partnership and enter into a different commitment."

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