Vince Cable – Eid al-Adha Message

Eid al-Adha presents us with an opportunity to reflect upon our duty and responsibility to one another, through acts of generosity and compassion. These values are at the core of Islam’s message and are principles which resonate and align with the Liberal Democrat principles of equality and unity.

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Leave Fox in a room with a photocopier - Cable

Vince Cable said:

"Brexiteers promised a new dawn of improved trade deals across the world. But rather than jet-setting round the globe, Liam Fox might as well be left in a room with a photocopier.

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May in Japan: time to come clean on Nissan

Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said:

“Liberal Democrats put in a Freedom of Information request for the letter Nissan sent to the government containing information on the offer by ministers of a sweetheart deal. Whole chunks had been blacked out, but I think we all know what the government's offer had contained: a blanked out blank cheque.

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David Davis showing "destructive complacency" in Brexit talks

Commission President Juncker this morning described Britain’s Brexit position papers as "unsatisfactory," while the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has warned the UK's ambiguity is delaying talks over a transition period and future trade deal.

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May's climb down on executive pay shows that she's strong on rhetoric, weak on action.

As Business Secretary I gave binding votes on executive pay policy to shareholders of publicly limited companies, requiring the approval of 50% of shareholders, and allowing a transparent single number for pay.

There was little enthusiasm from the Conservatives for this, but it has had a demonstrable effect on reducing executive pay.

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If you want single market, vote for it

Today, I'm laying down a challenge to Keir Starmer. He and the Labour party must back an amendment to the EU Withdrawl Bill if Labour is serious about now supporting membership of the single market.

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Labour's 'shift' on single market all spin and no principle

Reports in today's Observer that Labour is making a "dramatic shift" on Brexit should be taken with a pinch of salt., the Liberal Democrats have said that Jeremy Corbyn remains a Brexiteer in disguise.

Tim and time again, Jeremy Corbyn has whipped his MPs to vote with the Conservatives against the Single Market and for a hard Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn...

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80,000 jobs boost for Frankfurt is "further humiliation" for Boris Johnson

A new report shows that Brexit will create 80,000 jobs in Frankfurt.  Coming on the same day he was forced to admit the UK will have to pay a divorce payment to the EU this is yet a "further humiliation" for Boris Johnson.

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Boris must show he's not Trump's poodle and cancel state visit

Boris Johnson has said Donald Trump's state visit is likely to go ahead in 2018 rather than this year, while admitting the US President got it "totally wrong" on Charlottesville.

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Bogus student visa figures "happened on May's watch"

Only 4,600 international students overstayed their visas last year, less than a twentieth of the previous estimates of 100,000, official figures released today have revealed.

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