May is a hypocrite to praise free markets

"The EU's four freedoms - of goods, services, capital and people - have underpinned British prosperity for the past 40 years. Yet the Conservatives' extreme Brexit will deprive us from all four, making us poorer.

“Meanwhile, Conservative attempts to build new trade relationships in a post-Brexit world have been rebuffed with the Boeing row underlying just how hard it will be to...

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Vince Cable responds to Corbyn's conference speech

“Jeremy Corbyn has once again confirmed he is one of Brexit’s biggest cheerleaders.

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Order allowing Saudi women to drive 'welcome but decades overdue'

"It's 2017; this is welcome but decades overdue.  Of course it is good news for women in Saudi Arabia, but they continue to face oppression, such as the guardianship laws that put men in control of women's lives.  

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Cable: British Government should stand up to protectionist bullying from Trump

"Rather than simply expressing 'bitter disappointment', our government should be out there fighting for vital British manufacturing jobs in Belfast. 

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Lib Dems welcome Sadiq's call for referendum on Brexit deal

“I welcome signs from top Labour people that they are willing to join the Liberal Democrats in giving the people a referendum on the facts, at the end of the Brexit process.

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Labour and Conservatives are both economically illiterate

“The Labour Party are right to prepare for economic collapse should they get into government. Their endorsement of Brexit, including taking the UK out of the Single Market is economically illiterate.

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Labour putting political point scoring first

"It is disappointing, but not at all surprising, that the Labour Party seems intent on putting petty political point scoring ahead of the opportunity to genuinely help millions of vulnerable older people. We already know more than a million people are not getting social care they need, and this is only set to get worse as politicians in Westminster fail...

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Responding to John McDonnell’s speech to Labour conference, leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said:

These are people who voted Labour in the hope that they would stand up to the Conservatives on Brexit and fight to stay in the Single Market.

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Responding to Keir Starmer's speech to Labour conference, Lib Dem Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said

“It is misleading for him to pretend that some new customs arrangement can be reached which doesn’t cause massive disruption to British trade.

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May has failed with Florence speech - Brake

Passing the tests would have signalled that Theresa May is moving away from her reckless, extreme Brexit.

Instead, in the vast majority of cases she failed to offer any solutions to the major issues related to Brexit that are currently facing the country.

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