We will honour Britain’s commitment to international development

As part of the coalition, the Lib Dems managed to secure 0.7% of Britain’s gross national income for international development. It was one of our final acts in government, and it’s one we’re most proud of.

Since then, 0.7% has been a legal requirement, which has prevented the Conservatives and UKIP from stopping these vital funds getting to the world’s...

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I’ve told Britain’s property developers: if you won’t build houses, the Lib Dems will

The Conservative government has given developers a carte blanche to play the property market at the expense of our citizens. And now the country’s in crisis.

Not enough homes. Properties sitting empty. Exorbitant prices. The market is closed and exclusive: a fat cats’ game. That’s not good for people and it’s not good for business.

Today the Lib Dems are...

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The unregulated cannabis market is harming our young people. Something must be done.

The Liberal Democrats plan to break the grip of criminal gangs and protect young people by introducing a legal, regulated market for cannabis.

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Lib Dems offer ‘father's month’ of paid parental leave for new fathers

As part of the coalition, I was proud to introduce the original Shared Parental Leave programme.

The Lib Dems campaigned hard for this transformational policy, that allows parents – instead of the Government – to choose how they share their childcare.

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Ending an historic injustice in mental health care

Excellent healthcare is at the heart of our vision for Britain. As a leading liberal democracy, our public services should – and can be – the envy of the world. The Lib Dems are committed to making this vision a reality.

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Our ambitious new plan for refugees

I passionately believe that the British people are open, tolerant and progressive. That’s what I love about us. But lately I’ve felt the country slide into a Britain I don’t recognise – a Britain that’s closed, insular and suspicious.

The Conservatives are largely to blame.

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Leaked manifesto reveals Labour won't give people final say on Brexit deal

The leaked version of the Labour manifesto has confirmed Jeremy Corbyn's Labour won’t give the people the final say on the Brexit deal.

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£7 billion extra for schools under Liberal Democrat plans

I’m delighted to announce today that the Lib Dems will invest nearly £7bn more in schools and colleges over the next Parliament.

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The ethnicity pay gap is unacceptable. The Lib Dems are fighting to close it.

Today, we at the Lib Dems are proud to announce our plan to introduce mandatory reporting on the ethnicity pay gap for organisations with 250 employees or more.

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Big beasts return to Lib Dem front line as Tim Farron announces election campaign team

The Liberal Democrats have announced a new General Election Campaign Team, with former ministers including Jo Swinson, Vince Cable and Ed Davey all returning to the Lib Dem frontbench.

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