Boris must show he's not Trump's poodle and cancel state visit

Boris Johnson has said Donald Trump's state visit is likely to go ahead in 2018 rather than this year, while admitting the US President got it "totally wrong" on Charlottesville.

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Bogus student visa figures "happened on May's watch"

Only 4,600 international students overstayed their visas last year, less than a twentieth of the previous estimates of 100,000, official figures released today have revealed.

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Government must get its hands dirty and intervene in our broken housing market

Quarterly housebuilding statistics released today by the Department of Communities and Local Government show that just 40,310 were built in the last quarter

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Migration stats show Brexodus of EU workers

Quarterly migration data published today by the Office for National Statistics show another significant rise in EU citizens leaving the UK, up 33,000 to 122,000.

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GCSE results - government used students as guinea pigs

I hope students and their families have every reason to celebrate today.

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Foreign student review must allow reason to triumph over prejudice

New figures released today show the number of overseas students overstaying their visas has turned out to be vastly exaggerated.

Amber Rudd has responded by announcing a review into the impact of foreign students on the UK - but, frankly, that's the wrong response.

It's time for the government to drop overseas students from official immigration figures.

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Amber Rudd must apologise for EU deportation letters

Amber Rudd should apologise to up to 100 EU nationals who were mistakenly sent official letters threatening them with deportation.

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May's ECJ comments are a desperate attempt to avoid backbench rebellion

Theresa May's attempts to downplay the government's climbdown over the European Court of Justice is a desperate attempt to hold together the Conservative Party and ward off a eurosceptic rebellion.

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How many other reports like this are Conservative Ministers hiding from the British public?

An unpublished Home Office report showed that Britons could be more at risk of terrorism and crime after Brexit, The Times reports.

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Failure to electrify rail routes is a betrayal of the North

Writing in the Yorkshire Post, Chris Grayling said: "the success of Northern transport depends on the North itself."

It comes after the government dropped pledges to electrify rail routes in Wales, the Midlands and the North, while supporting the £30 billion Crossrail 2 scheme for London.

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