Leaked document reveals weakness of govt's hand in Brexit talks

This government’s internal battles are weakening their hand in Europe. Every report of a Cabinet split destabilises our negotiating team and strengthens the position of the EU negotiators.

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Menzies Campbell: 'Every time Trump opens his mouth, the world becomes a less safe place' 

"This is yet another example of Trump's boneheaded belligerence. 

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New Liberal Democrat spokespeople

I have just appointed my first team of principal spokespeople since becoming leader this summer.

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Ashdown: Cuts to Royal Navy must not be allowed to happen

"This is not yet a decision but it soon could be, if the government is allowed to get away with cuts which would betray the best traditions of our past and damage our ability to defend ourselves in the future. 

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Cable: This was a speech of a brave PM with a disloyal Cabinet

“This was the speech of a brave Prime Minister struggling on, while her disloyal Cabinet colleagues openly plot against her.

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Government must reform Right to Buy if they're serious about tackling the housing crisis

“Under the Tories, building of both social and affordable housing has plummeted.

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Race audit - Cable challenges May

"This audit shows that prejudice and bias based on the colour of someone’s skin continues to blight people’s life chances, and this is utterly unacceptable in 21st century Britain. It is not right that our BAME friends and neighbours are far less likely to have a job or own their home - it is an unfairness that should have ended long...

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Boris' failure to condemn Spain a shameful dereliction of duty

“Boris Johnson’s failure to condemn the Spanish government over this violence is a shameful dereliction of duty.

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May must bin ECJ red line if she's serious about safety and security 

"This is a welcome u-turn from attempts to use security co-operation as a bargaining chip in the Brexit negotiations.

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Universal Credit Tory rebellion shows cuts must be reversed in Autumn Budget

"There is a mounting sense that the government could be defeated if it does not immediately pause the roll-out of Universal Credit. 

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